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This year's theme is Planting Seeds, which is also a part of the SHE motto... What will you plant or water?


When we drop a seed we are in awe at the bloom of whatever grows from the seed. But real sisterhood starts in the ground before the bloom. We are the soil that provides the safe place to grow, the water that gives the nourishment from above, the time that waits patiently for the bloom, and the encouragement that assures our sister that the hard shell she has to work through (shell/seed) is experiencing she has to go through to take root. Then she will bloom. However, there also MUST be a willingness to find common ground to plant on. The ground has to be good soil, taken care of, and watered in order to lay down a solid foundation to build upon! Are you careful where you plant? This is the most important step when planting seeds! Come see what we've planted and if you want to plant there too...


If you missed the first two Sister Brunches... please don’t miss this one!! We had an amazing time at the last two, we added a day!!! This Sister Brunch will have vendors, artists performing, and spoken word all (righteous content)! Tickets are available for purchase now!



Holiday Inn Express (Camp Creek) has offered rooms for $119 a night (If we can book 15 rooms, it drops to $109!) You are not charged until you check-in, there's a shuttle from the Airport, and you will be where two of the events are taking place! The brunch is about 10 minutes away from the hotel :)   CLICK HERE TO BOOK


There are also several Air BnBs near and some other hotels.

Mitres N Headwraps #ScriptLanta

From Texas to the A! Come Brew for three days! Hosted by Ya Favorite Ahch and The Brewfessionals! This is one you don't want to miss! #JUNE2020

Registration is Closed
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Mitres N Headwraps #ScriptLanta
Mitres N Headwraps #ScriptLanta

Time & Location

June 12, 13, 14 2020

Atlanta, GA


  • Adult ( Ages 13- Up)

    This ticket will get you one arm band to get into all three events -Food Included

  • Children 12 to 5

    This ticket will get you one kids arm band to get into all three events with the purchase of Adult or Family Ticket -Food Included

  • Kids Under 5

    This ticket will get you one arm band to get into all three events with an Adult /Family (if needed) ticket. -Food Included

  • Family

    This ticket will get you 4 arm bands to get into all three events -Food Included 2 Adults 2 Kids Ages: 12 to 5




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Disclaimer: Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout #SHEsInATL Sister Brunch. These will be used by the SHE Team for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media, or in any third-party publication. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to these terms. 

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