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#WomenOfTheScriptures Vashti/Esther #WeBaccck

🙌🏾💞 Much excitement for this one sis.. Because I have studied this story a few times and also chatted with a few sisters in the truth and the ones still lost in the world..Some very interesting and sometimes intense lol dialogue.. With their permission, I will share a few deets!

Ok, so so what we know off the bat: Vashti was already a queen of Persia and the first wife of Persian King Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther, when Esther arrives in the scene.. IF you have not had chance to read her story [Book of Esther 1], please do! It is one of purpose and humility.. I can't dive into the entire book.. As this lesson is strictly about these two women. There differences, the commonalities, their purposes..roles as wives..etc..

🤔So far..What do you know about these two women off the top of your heads? Mine will be in the comments!

‼We will link up more tomorrow .. Most likely we will stay in the first 3 Chapters of Esther!

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17 mai 2020

So here is my comment:

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