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#WomenOfTheScriptures Ruth! Act 1.5 Following with love

Shalom! We last chatted about Naomi..who is how we get to know about Ruth who is my definition of submission.. I implore you to read up on her when you get chance! Her story is one of love of sisterhood and then when she is found by Boaz... #OhMy one amazing love story to is! I will try to share some of that as well.

Two things I admire about Sis Ruth, that is her desire to be Submissive and her willingness to follow-Ruth means Friend.. Which her name fits her well. So heres what we know about Ruth, she was married to one of Naomi sons while they resided in the land of Moab..who died.

Naomi wanted her to go find another husband, but Ruth I assume loved Naomi like a mother and didnt want her to be alone so she practically begged her to allow her to accompany her on her journey back home.

She desired to learn the ways that molded her to a great wife, sister, she followed her blindly, the only thing she had to go was Naomi's actions..Think about this would u have followed someone who actions didnt match what they spoke? Proverbs 1:5 A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels

‼And to go even deeper.. do you think Sis Ruth was eating of many plates?? I dont think so!! Ecclesiasticus [Sirach] 6:6 KJV Be in peace with many: nevertheless have but one counselor of a thousand.

🎬Up Next- Act 2 Namoi/Ruth- The Laboring of Love

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