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Salom sisters!

❤️OBEDIENCE.. is the key! Sometimes we have to step out on faith.. and that’s what this next ACT is about.. But with a second part.. (James 2:14-26 ) will give you hint to where I’m going!🙋🏾‍♀️

👆🏾Remember in Genesis 24:1-12 we see how it starts off with the faith.. and to recap Abraham asked his servant to find his son Isaac a wife..the servant was nervous that he would fail, so he asked The Most High for a sign, we see it come to pass just as the servant spoke it in ends in Genesis 24:13:22 with the works! #SomebodyGonnaGetItOnThe2ndRead

🔍Now here we see there is a lot going on in Gen 24:22-54.. I will summarize for the sake of time.. but please y’all go back and read it! The servant establishes what he will look for before anything happens. He isn't making up the rules as he goes along. He was about order AND was wise enough in his decision to ask for a sign that was remarkable, but possible. He didn't tempt The Most High by making an unrealistic demand ALTHOUGH we know all things are possible and Hey who knows what we would be reading😅.. but keep reading why he asked For what he did.. this brother was smart y’all! He didn’t ask for a unicorn to fly down and sprinkle roses over the woman, so he would know (Deuteronomy 6:16)...soooo Before he had finished speaking: keep in mind that Isaiah 65:24 speaks of these types of these “SUDDENLY prayers”!! Anywhoo.. In comes Rebekah … came out with her pitcher on her shoulder: The servant at that time did not yet know the prayer was answered, he waited to make sure..for complete confirmation of (Gen 24:16-21)

👆🏾Now there was a part I left out y’all... it was very important as to why he waited to see if this woman was who he was sent to gather for his master! In his request, he didn’t mention anything about looks.. but y’all know how our FATHER does!!! So beautiful Rebekah began the hard work of watering all the camels, the servant did not stop her. Proverbs 31 trait alert!! The servant asked for a woman who would not only say she would water the camels, but who would actually do it (Proverbs 31:13)

Sisters, it was important for him to test her to see if she had a servant's heart, not only a servant's talk! Do’er trait!!! because rememeber, the servant task was to find a wife for his master’s son so this woman had to have certain traits of goodness, fruits of the spirit type traits! She not only had that.. she also proved herself in just that one act BUT she also came with favor.. Rebekah did exactly what the servant had asked.. she was chosen before he did the choosing!! #message! Ok so around (Gen 24:22-28) The servant, once the bride has been chosen, he automatically comes bearing gifts! He gifted her rich gifts even before the marriage to the father's son. Anyone knows why? "Whose daughter are you? She answered and here we are now to where we start see how Rebekah can teach us something!! So (Gen 24:29-50) we see here the servant runs everything down to her brother Laban and father Bethuel, they answered and said, The thing proceedeth from the Lord: we cannot speak unto thee bad or good. 👉🏾Genesis 24:51 Behold, Rebekah is before thee, TAKE her, and go, and LET her be thy master's son's wife, as the Lord hath spoken. OK OK... let’s pause sisters because the while the father and brother was like aye, take her.. they did give Rebekah a choice!! Which I do love they allowed her to hear all of this.. and let her decide.. if this life is the one she wants and with a man she doesn’t really know like that! Some of us dated men for years and still was like ummm🙋🏾‍♀️.. I still am not sure.. some of us knew from the gate.. I know that I asked The Most High for a sign before I married because I knew I couldn’t trust my own discernment! And it happened just like it did with the servant! the point I’m trying to make is.. Time belongs to The Most High. Which is why we should respect it! Ok I went off topic as brewusal!!!! 😅

But yes the servant came bearing gifts.. with a purpose! 😍Talk about respect!! Now mind you Rebekah is listening to all of this! So she hears the servant speak on his mission as to why he was sent, the prayer he prayed and how she fulfilled the request! The servant gave her gifts once he knew she was sent straight from the FATHERs hand... 🤔.. think there’s a scripture about that somewhere maybe Proverbs 19:14? Go see! ... so imagine when the family saw the nose ring, and the bracelets on his sister's wrists you know the family knew the servant came ready to pay a dowry.. he was serious y’all! sheesh! Are y’all getting this!?? The servant then says around verse 47, the servant told them: So I put the nose ring on her nose and the bracelets on her wrists. And I bowed my head and worshiped the LORD, and blessed the LORD God of my master Abraham, who had led me in the way of truth to take the daughter of my master's brother for his son. Now if you will deal kindly and truly with my master, tell me. And if not, tell me, that I may turn to the right hand or to the left...

🧔🏾The servant is like: ok I told y’all what was up.. will you allow Rebekah to leave with me to go be My masters son’s wife? because they heard the story and believed.. they even said take her... but they also gave her a choice!! Imagine if this happened today sisters.. do you think your husband would let your daughter go with a strange man.. to go be someone’s wife.. is your belief in The Most High like that? Let’s see what Rebekah’s family did in Act 3...

🎬Up Next Act 3: Rebekah-The choice is hers..or is it!

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