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#WomenOfTheScriptures Moving Mountains- 30 days of prayer..

Shalom! Sorry for my delay! I was with the sisters yesterday and we had a blast! I came home and it was OV!! But for the next 30 days we are going to switch things up a bit! Check it out below:


Is there a mountain rising up against you sis? Rather it be physical or spiritual? Is there some things going on in your relationships? Children? Whatever!!! Let’s examine this together AND move those mountains! We know the scripture says In Mark 11:23... that all you got to say is move.. and it only takes FAITH the size of a mustard seed.. but let’s back up.. in order to cast that “mountain“.. yes faith starts the process BUT works activates it! Matt 17 explains it all! Specifically verse 20! Let’s remember this Hebrews 12:2... HE exists my sisters all you have to do call out to HIM! Scripture says where two or more agree... so Can we all agree to move these mountains?? The assignment is:

📖Part 1: I recommend journaling these 30 days.. write down the mountains you already have and have been trying to move... them daily meditate on the scriptures.. Answer this question: How can I apply this to my situation(s)..

🙏🏾Part 2: Try your best to read these prayer in the morning and evenings. Some are very short.. some are length.. BUT so worth the minute or two of your time .. when we first started this #MMprayers in the Jewels group... it was so profound! Let’s see what new mountains we can move!

🗣Part 3: For the sisters on the weekly calls, we will pick one script OR which woman of the scripture do you think could have related from the past week and expound on that as to how this helped or none of the prayers help..

👍🏿Part 4: Like the post so I know you completed this day (Also for those not on the call.. feel free to comment on the blog posts! Or do the task by yoursel)

💎Task for today: Write down the mountain(s) you have and them prioritize them in order of need. We start tomorrow! I will post the prayer the night before so we can have them in morning!

#BigSisTip👂🏾 I actually spoke these prayers out loud in my secret place... BUT that’s not required.. it just worked better for me❤️🙌🏾

📍Disclaimer: These prayers can be shared via the #DDMS link- please do not copy paste the prayers. The purpose is to do these together as a unit! These prayers are to be done collectively and exclusively for this group 💎.. 💕Share the link at the top or share the FB posts❤️

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Sep 09, 2020

I would love to join/be Included in the sister chat/calls

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