#WomenOfTheScriptures Mary-Final Act!

Shalom sisters!!

We left off with Joseph..long story short.. Joseph was thinking about putting her away... So He has a dream and was told to fear not... His wife will give birth to the Savior.. And he then believes and didnt. “Know” her until after she gave birth... now let’s pause.. do u wonder why that is? Well, only the pure can carry, and bring forth pure..(Job 14:4).. hence why she was not only a virgin, but a righteous virgin..(Matthew 1:18) So we see Joseph was a man after The Most High whose steps were ordered, he was important in all this as well because he would be raising The Messiah..

Now Mary gives birth and I implore you to read the Bible version not the silver screen one.. there’s some parts that I was surprised to find weren’t even in the Bible!! Hence why one should study for themselves.. So, I won’t go into every detail of Mary, we would be here for months! However the major point I wanted to make was Mary was a woman of virtue, who displayed obedience, submissiveness, and servitude EVEN though she was asked to do something she didn’t really understand at first..she didn’t complain, didn’t say no.. didn’t rebuttal.. nope she jus said yes! Mary continues to not only serve The Most High, and her husband... but she begin to set the tone for servitude.. which prepped her for the ultimate servitude to her son, The Messiah. Can you imagine!? Knowing that a child you birth has one task.. Amazing!

#TakeAWay🛡 WWYD.. What would YOU do? I am sure many would say “ I would do it without doubt” BUT what if u didn’t have the good book? I mean what if u would have been chosen before birth for that task... unknowingly? I think we miss that point, Mary jus was living in righteousness, day in and out.. not because she was expecting a future task such as this.. but because she was taught to serve and fear The Most High. That is how she could be a good daughter, being chosen by Joseph to be his virtuous wife, and ultimately her true task.. Mother of The Savior...So I pose this sisters while many of us are no longer virgins..we have been tainted, defiled and have done some unpleasant things in the sight of Yah..we should be thanking HIM right now for taking us out right then and there!! But HIS mercy because HE knew you had the ear to hear and with that beloved sister.. know.. you got to KNOW it is never too late to turn it around so you can have those same traits as Mary! Who knows what your task would be IF u really desired it... now it ain’t easy, but worth it! How? Glad u ask:

💎Acknowledge (Psalm 32:5-7)

💎Repent/Ask for forgiveness genuinely (1 John 1:9, James 5:16)

💎Turn from wickedness (2 Chronicles 7:14)

💎Apply the law to your life (James 1:22-25)

💎Pray for a clean heart (Psalm 51:10-19, Matt 21:22)

And believe that HE is The Most High (Hebrews 11:6) and that HIS son died for you ( undesirable as u were to Him! The tree didn’t keep Him up there... it was Obedience to HIS Head and Love for His people.. Now what’s your excuse for not following those footsteps? #SomebodyGonnaGetItOnThe4thRead

💕See, we are special: John 20:29!!

🙌🏾This week we will touch on one of my favorite #WomenOfTheScripture We will just call her “The Other”... Can y’all guess who it is!?

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