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#WomenOfTheScriptures Judith (Snippet)

#TrueHebrewHIStory Now while yall paying homage to women who invented perms/worshipping these female artists.. Have u read about Judith? 👀 Let me enlighten you about Judith had the courage of a lioness and was graced with beauty. She was also a widow whose husband had left her financially independent, and she lived a simple life, fasting and praying. [She never remarried]

📣The plot: So the Israelites defied Nebuchadnezzar..[u got to read why] Holofernes, the enemy general who has been sent by Nebuchadnezzar to reek havoc on all who didn't conform.. One of the princes, Achior of the Ammonites, spoke on behalf of Israelites. He praised them as a people, and begged Holofernes to not to harm them. He wasn't hearing that..see Holofernes was not pleased with Achior either. He had him seized, tied up, and left outside the walls of the town. Holofernes also successfully attacks Bethuliah.

📢Plot thickens: Judith was influential.. she reached out to the elders, including Uzziah, to try and offer advice [just like now👉Uzziah brushed off her advice, telling her that the best thing she could do was leave decision-making to the men] Judith in turn brushed off his advice. Judith prays. When the men left, she prostrated herself on the ground and prayed to The Most High. She described the predicament of her people then urged The Most High to break the enemy's power by putting strength instead into the hands of a widow, herself. She also asked HIM to make her a good liar. [Yall getting this] wait.. so look, after praying..she perfumes and dresses herself to the tee.. her hair with a tiara, and put on one of the extravagant robes she wore when her husband was alive. [Significant part]

🏹I'ma speed this up! 😂 She snuck in and told the soldiers she had secret info that would help Holofernes capture the Isarelites without losing a single soldier. Made her way to Holofernes who was so smitten by her beauty, he tried to seduce her in his tent.. without losing her virtue, she played the game, chopped off his head, hung it out in the battlefield..the enemy fled! #THEEND

🎬The Moral: The Most High chooses who HE uses..

📖 Philippians 2:13 For it is The Most High which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure

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