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#WomenOfTheScriptures: Idolatry and How Deborah came into play!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This past Sabbath and last.. I have been deep In Judges, which took me back to Joshua, where an obedient people conquered the lane through their trust in the power of The Most High and in Judges we see a disobedient and idolatrous people are defeated time and time again due to their rebellion against The Most High.. Reading Judges it really showed me how much we have in common with the People in Judges! I sat back and thought dang why do they fail and fail stumbling over the same vice: IDOLATRY! Especially having the example of what The Most High power could do for an obedient people.. Judges 2 it kept repeating “And the anger of The Most High was HOT!”... so hot he ain’t bring them out of their trouble!! In verse 22 It says That through them (the other nations) I may prove Israel, whether they will keep the way of the Lord to walk therein, as their fathers did keep it, or not...

Fast forward to now.. does that sound familiar?? It doesn’t matter which nation, the chosen people of The Most High will hearken to their ways, customs, even gods.. It saddens me because it’s like A slap in The Most High’s face! How dare you worship the creation and dismiss the CREATOR! Yet, we do it daily.. sometimes without even noticing TBH🤷🏾‍♀️... however there is a fix🙌🏾.... We should be so focused on HIM at all times and just by keeping focus on HIM, you will gain understanding on how to be a virtuous daughter of Zion who obeys HIs laws statues and commands, a Righteous wife who is naturally submissive while serving her righteous husband (because if she’s truly focused on doing HIS will as single sister as spoken of in 1 Corinthians 7:34, why would The Most High gift her to a wicked man according to Ecclesiasticus 26:23? #LetThatMarinate, a loving sister who uplifts her sister, teaching her good things.. how to embody all the fruits of the spirits AND since sis is walking wisdom because she stayed focused on The Most High she will have the traits according to Proverbs 3:17 - Her ways [are] ways of pleasantness, and all her paths [are] peace!

🛡Takeaway: If you keep reading Judges you will see where Deborah came into play.. and how in Judges 4 and 5, Sis inspired the Israelites to a mighty victory over their Canaanite oppressors! Reading that as a weaker vessel didn’t have me feeling lesser than at all! The Most High uses who HE chooses.. just as we saw when Miriam had an issue with her brother being used by The Most High. You have to know your role and be obedient within your responsibility just like Deborah was! Now you may not have a role like she had, but whatever your role is don’t be blinded and stiff necked to the point where HE takes that job from you because you went a whoring after other gods! It ain’t worth it!

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