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#WomenOfTheScriptures: Hannah-The power of an answered prayer..

Guess who’s backkk! Sorry for the wait after the 30 day prayer and then the #PeelingBackTheLayer segment (which is going to be sprinkled here and there!!) The #DDMS women of the scripture blogs postings were halted.. If I’m being transparent, I kind of put of this one for a longtime.. But Hannah’s story MUST be told as it shows us the type of obedience, submission and faith needed to receive not just any answered prayer..but a purposeful prayer answered!!! Also Hannah guides us to the next woman of the scripture we will speak on! I will TRY my best to make them shorter or maybe break them up.. it’s just such a beautiful lesson of an Answered prayer! I pray you find solace as I have.. and remember that taking a step back and out of your emotions and pray to The Most High who will hear you... ONLY when you do as HE requires... there’s so many nuggets in Hannah’s TESTimony... we can all see ourselves as she dealt with some of the same hurts and pain we deal with even now... which speaks volumes to “nothing new under the sun!” While I won’t be able to touch on some parts... the MOST important part will be addressed: Hannah’s prayer... in closing.. My hopes are is that we take a way not only the good points but the bad ones as well... why, because if it wasn’t for the bad parts... we would never see the strength to rise from her own self .. #SomebodyGonnaGetThatOnThe2ndRead

🧕🏾Who was Hannah: From the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah) meaning "favour, grace" She was the mother of Samuel, one of Elkanah's wives. (Also this is not a place to debate polygamous unions, this segment is strictly on Hannah.. so if you want to do that.. please discuss on yalls personal social media profiles! We are about building sisters up not tearing them down) In closing, Hannah was taught a valuable lesson... I hope we can learn, submit, then follow in her path..

Up next 🎬Act 1: Hannah’s Hopelessness...

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