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#WomenOfTheScriptures: Fruits of The Spirit- Joy and Peace

💎Joy and Peace💕.. How these two work hand in hand is something to see!!

...Now I sometimes feel like you truly can’t have joy without peace.. Especially when I read Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning... So if joy comes in the morning, that alone should let you know Peace is the foundation. Let’s see what the definition of them are!

🍒Joy: a noun, a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

🍋Peace: a noun, freedom from disturbance; tranquility

🤔 Sort of the same, but different!! Because honestly.. how can you be at peace but sad.. flip the coin, how can you happy when in turmoil? Now true, one can be at peace when going thru a trial, because why? Psalms 107:29 is true, now it does not say the storm will cease, it says HE will calm the that the waters are still! And then to lamb back off of that Psalm 30:5 is clear!! Joy comes! We just have to remember to keep walking in righteousness while operating in the fruits of the spirit.. Once you have mastered that life is beautiful EVEN when you’re in the midst of turmoil.. because you know these scriptures hold true.. the end is expected (Jeremiah 29:11) so there is no need to fear (Isaiah 43:1).. now I have not officially counted how many times fear not in the Bible but I looked it up and it says 365!! How amazing is that, one for each day of the year as we know it... So find solace in that knowing THE TRUTH! YAH won’t ever fail you!!

☔️Ruth was my example of a woman exhibiting peace and joy in unison. She had peace with giving up her idols and she was joyus while following Naomi ways and on this journey. In my opinion, Ruth somehow found peace in helping her sister overcome.. She was NOT like oh man... I’m so sad.. and gave up..EVEN though Naomi tried to push her way.. Ruth pressed on in her pursuit.. and while getting Naomi on board, she actually helped herself as well. I thought about that and said wow, that’s how I want to be... even when I don’t understand what Yah is doing.. I want to have peace that surpasses my understanding and be joyous about whatever it is... why? Because FATHER knows best! And sometimes HE really is testing you to see if you will remain righteous even when you don’t believe in the path, #TrustTheProcess

🛡Takeaway: Nobody said it would be easy, but I find JOY in knowing it will be worth it! And that brings me happiness to know that regardless.. I’m making The Most High proud by trusting HIM. Now do I sometimes doubt, yes more often than I should.. IF I’m being transparent but the key is not having idle to think about the raging winds... when HE has calmed the sea....

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