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#WomenOfTheScriptures Fruits of The Spirit: Goodness🍓 And Gentleness🍎

Shalom! I figured we can group these two together since they go hand and hand! Let’s examine the two: Gentleness or Kindness..mainly involves being generous and considerate and helping others whereas goodness involves righteousness in action and/or doing what is right. To be KIND AND GOOD is always a CHOICE, sometimes we choose to do the opposite and that’s where we fail!! Most time people will associate generosity, gentleness, and care with kindness, and qualities like integrity, honesty, and uprightness with goodness. As we see, they do hand in hand... If we think about this scripturally, if one has a goodness, their actions will be kind. And if they be kind, goodness will follow them!

🛡TakeAWay: Colossians 3:12-17 is wholeheartedly true! If we add the other two fruits to the mix, we can see that Love activates Faith..stirs up Goodness within us and causes us to be Gentle in our actions...

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