💕I pray you all had a beautiful Shabbat!! We left off yesterday to find Miriam was pretty much feeling some kind of way. One would think it was about the wife he chose, which is his choice ANYWAY... but we then saw Miriam’s attempt to put Moses in his place, the true issue surfaced! We read that in Num 12:2, when she questioned WHO put Moses in charge??

Now, we know this is something that plagues Israelites, they .. 👉🏾we are some complaining people! (Numbers 14:2).. But the truth was Miriam was feeling left out of the plan, little did she know she was apart of the plan.. the truth is we all have different roles, and the struggle comes with mastering yours. Now Miriam’s question, angered The Most High. HE chose Moses because that’s what HE wanted to do! As usual that complaining spirit overtakes us, and this time it causes Miriam to feel the wrath of The Most High... she was stricken with leprosy. Her brot