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Shalom!! Y’all sister is still in the midst of midterms... BUT my word is my word So, as promised we are jumping into Miriam this week! Now I must admit .. I never studied Miriam so we are gonna be learning more about what we can take away from her and become better... Honestly, we ..well I don’t hear much about her like we do Sarai, Eve... Hannah etc.. however clearly she is great to be mentioned!!

So far, all I know is:

Miriam was the eldest child of Amram and Jochebed, and the sister of Aaron and Moses. She was the daughter of good parents who followed The Most High...and the sister of two of Israel’s greatest leaders...However something we as daughters of Zion share with Miriam in THIS time... can anyone guess what it is? It’s something that most of us just can’t control... yet we keep doing it KNOWING It’s wrong... I will give you a hint... we are actually working on this “trait” for 30 days with the hopes of taming that pesky spirit!!

I wonder where Miriam will lead us...

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