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🙌🏾💕It’s that time again sisters!!! 📚midterms!!! So this is my free week to prepare! But y’all know ima still drop some nuggets! But we will pick up next week with Miriam! Miriam was the eldest child of Amram and Jochebed, and the sister of Aaron and Moses. She was the daughter of godly parents and the sister of two of Israel’s greatest leaders... Let’s see what we can learn about her next week!! Thank y’all for all the feedback on Hannah!! What I took away from Hannah was this:

When Hannah was an amazing woman and an even greater wife! When she was joyful, she Cried out to The Most High..When she was sorrowful, she would cry out to her FATHER .. never losing hope that HE would not hear her. Hannah had honorable persistence, never questioning HIS will.. and while HE granted her request for a child... what HE really gave her was a HONORABLE SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH!!

📣But... I do have a question I asked last midterm, I want to ask it again! Feel free to comment your answer below! All answers will be entered into a giveaway for an e-gift card to support one of our Modest Hebrew Sisters Store!!

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