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When courting...

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

#dontdeletemysis Anayah Tikvah!!

!! This a good question she posted!! My answer was:

PROVE PROVE PROVE then PROVE the proof!!! It’s so important... Amos 3:3 and always study the Bible for yourself to know the standard to hold these men to.. Sirach 6 is awesome for a standard on any relationship... How will you know how to be a virtuous wife if you don’t learn your roles/ responsibilities AND how will you know what to expect from a husband to be?? look out for 🚩 flags! Trust in The Most High to guide you..

🚩 keeps some laws, not all

🚩 lukewarm

🚩 is someone who doesn’t want you to read the Bible and just trust what they say- RUN.

🚩 wants you to trust them more than The Most High

🚩does not want to answer questions about themselves

🚩 secretive

🚩 have a mean streak

🚩 all talk no walk

🚩not committed to loving and living righteous

🚩 you are unsure sure of where he is going and WHO is guiding his steps because he moves wickedly - how can You follow that??

These are just a few ... how to find the rest, start at page 1 of the Bible 💕IF there are no red flags, then you need to make sure YOU are ready for marriage:

✅ be slow to speak, listen

✅ allow your husband to lead you without question

✅ other than The Most High, he comes first

✅ learn your roles and responsibilities look at how our foremothers handled situations

✅ check your emotions

✅ check your attitude and try not to talk back

✅ correction is love

✅ remember, you aren’t single you have to answer and report to someone now.

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