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What’s Love Got to Do with it..

#DontDeleteMeSis🤦🏾..but this love thing is built on reciprocity.. Even with The Most High..HE Proclaims in the scripture that: IF u love HIM..u must do something to show HIM.[💡John 14:15].💭 #Thinnk

🔑Remember Sis.. He WANTS you to love him always...even when u think he don't deserve it..he NEEDS u to trust that he is Always deserving.. Why? Well two reasons to start! 1. I am sure many times you were undeserving of love from The Most High.. yet Did HE or HIS son stop loving you?? And 2. Love covers a multitude of sins... questions? See #1!

#ponder🔨 #ReadItTwice it will click!!💖🙌🏾

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