Today's #SupportSHEbrews: #RoyalDescentBeauty🛍🧼

Ok, I personally have purchased many products from sis..She also was a sponsor of Mitres N Headwraps!! I love her soaps and she is such a sweetheart.. I am hoping she gets more of that body butter and hair vanilla whipped butter cuz mannnnn... lol!

🛍Few of my faves are:

🧼Ganja Soap Bar

🧼Seaweed Soap

🧔🏾My hubs loves the beard butter

🤔..I think I have one of the towels and loofahs too.. But I'm eyeing that wool sea sponge!!🤔♥️

🙌🏾🌼She has jewelry, beauty products, soaps..all.kinds stuff!! Please support sis!!! Right now she has free shipping on $30 orders!!!! She also runs specials allll the time! I do miss staying in the know being on social media so be sure to follow her on her pages and keep me updated lol

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