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To change or not to change... that’s why you MUST prove!

#DontDeleteMeSis😒..but it is important for u to understand #ThatIsTheDifference.. it is why many of you wonder why all hello is breaking loose.. in short, the matter at hand is Wicked Vs RIGHTEOUS.. Prove em according to Sirach 6 first b4 you say "yes" to marriage.. If you are constantly disagreeing without resolve during the courting stage... if he doesn’t support you, make sure you are ok on all fronts (1 Timothy 5:8)..then there is a 99.99% u will have the same concerns once married.. and there will be no resolve.. 💎Now, the 1% are those who work out the concerns BEFORE the ceremony.. and lawful expectations are established which a Righteous man will keep those vows made, while a man of right will try to twist scripture to fit their evil wicked purpose disregarding what they agreed to... another #MESSAGE..but #DontDeleteMeSis.... I'm jus trying to help you NOT make the same mistake many have made, thinking “oh he will change” after sealing the deal... it won’t! If they don’t change during the courting stage .. that’s what u getting sis! Which means do not start ranting and raging when that happens, you saw the signs! Many of you don’t even consult The Most High or counsel before making these decisions.. truth is some aren’t equipped with the tools to discern... In closing, Please treat marriage like your LIFE depends on it.. because it does..(Malachi 2:14)

👆🏾Remember, while proving (1 Thessalonians 5:21-23)... be sure to be diligent in SEEKing The Most High while single is soooooo imperative.. seek HIM and he will need to be SEEKING HIM, in order to find you.. please KNOW beloved..Your FATHER wont allow ANYONE to deal with you treacherously...(Romans 2:11 For there is no respect of persons with God.)

💕Marriage is a beautiful thing... BUT not when you marry someone you choose.. and not The Most High!

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