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#Titus2TidBits Are you equal to your husband!

#Titus2TidBits No sis, we are not equal to me!! There’s a reason why: You are a woman, he is a man.. Each party has a role to play.. the gist is to:

1. Accept your place as a wife

2. Learn your role

3. Master your responsibilities

4. Find your lane.. Stay there! No need to swerve in out of lanes! That’s how crashes happen!!

While many will argue this point and say we are equal.. FALSE! Now, does this means The Most High loves us less!? Of course not!! HE loves us the same because we are all HIS children!! BUT Adam was created first, given the first set of commandments to rule the garden and lead Eve (Genesis 2:15-3:24): Scripture is clear! Ephesians 5 says the man is the head of the woman. So IF we are “equal” to our husbands.. wouldn’t we both be the head??🤔🤐.. What a catastrophe that would be 🥴😅.. that’s like saying man is equal to The Messiah and He is equal to The Most High! Listen, there’s an order that should be understood and respected! PERIOD. Stop trying to create loopholes where there is none! There can only be one leader.. your job as a virtuous wife is to follow!

📚Study Notes: 1 Corinthians 11, Ephesians 5, Proverbs 31 also the notes from the prior #Titus2TidBit💎

☝🏾Disclaimer: It’s ok to disagree, or get mad.. truth is.. you can do all that on your own platforms💕 IF you don’t believe the Bible or feel woman is god🤷🏾‍♀️ that’s a different topic and this don’t apply to you.. BUT it can, jus start at page 1.

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