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#ThisIsTheDifference between males, men, and a righteous husband!!

...Wait on these ones sis!! The ones who will self examine with you... If they do this during the courtship, it will show you how they will handle matters in the union!!In the meantime, study on your role and master your responsibilities! Someone asked me a few days ago one piece of advice, #DontRush. 🙌🏾

Repost Request:

💎From courtships to marriages- accountability is key! Sometimes it’s not a one side issue that causes the disagreement.. sometimes it is.. However, when a person can self examine and acknowledges their fault AFTER the other person admits their fault.. is a beautiful thing.. that means you have someone rare in your life and just for that reason, cherish that.. praise The Most High for an understanding righteous mate and #KeepFighting .. Ephesians 4:32

⚠️ Disclaimer: sometimes it’s just you so self examine and fix it, strive not to provoke your mate. Sometimes it’s the other person and maybe they will see your change and follow suit.. maybe not... however that is why proving is so important! Please do not spew hatred toward your spouse because they do not respond like this... Just keep remaining blameless, staying committed to changing, and a whole lot of fasting/praying..

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