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‼️I beseech you to stop playing people!!! Hebrews 10:26 is clear: After you have received this HIS word and begin to walk in righteousness and then u turn and cleave to what’s “popular or easy on you” willfully stop doing Shabbat. Feast Days. Keeping the Laws, Statues.. AND commandments.. WHEN HIS laws are not grievous 🎯1 John 5:3-4!!

🤔..Now I see why Peter proclaimed that Paul’s words would be hard to understand.. (2 Peter 3:16) because even he said the laws are NOT done away with!

⚔️Paul twice states that we learn what sin is from the Law. This backs up the statement in 1John 3:4 that Sin is transgression of the Law: 🎯Romans 3:20 Romans 7:7

⚔️Paul believed that thru faith we do not make the Law void, but rather we establish the Law: 🎯Romans 3:31

⚔️Paul did not believe that once we are under grace, that we can continue to sin (breaking the Law): 🎯Romans 6:15

⚔️Paul equated "the Law" with "the commandment" and stated his opinion of them: 🎯Romans 7:12

⚔️Paul delights in the Law of The Most High 🎯Romans 7:22💁🏾‍♀️ So why would he delight in something that no longer exists 🥴

🤷🏾‍♀️🙏🏾 I pray you come back to HIS laws... if not WOE!

⚠️‼️ Disclaimer: I am sure one of you will comment “we love and saved by blood of the Messiah”... Feel free to vent, rebuttal, rant, on your respective social media platforms BUT not in my comments.. EVEN He said He didn’t come to destroy the law...🗣 Matthew 5

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