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Submission is not slavery!!

🙆🏾‍♀️Submission is needed! How can you submit to The Most High or The Messiah but not your husband who you are in subjection to (1 Peter 3:1-22) and pay attention to verse 6 for all y’all “I’m like mother Sarai”.. Where is the trust in The Most High that HE has his sons!! If they act up, it’s HIS job to handle them not yours sis.. Just keep doing your FATHERs will which is submitting to the order HE put forth in Ephesians 5:23-33... because a Righteous man will do what’s ordered of him as well... and if he doesn’t, that’s not your business sis, that’s The Most High light work... #StayBlameless in all things and keep building your house IF you are wise! Because when you say your husband is wicked... because that means so are you... Ecclesiasticus 26:23.

I come in love! Sometimes, if we know our husband is righteous and following the steps of The Most High.. then we got to step back and examine self, are we provoking our heads somehow? Are we causing them to act this way? 🤦🏾‍♀️ and nooo Big sis not saying u the cause BUT I too am a woman so I know how we can get... Just stop and check yourself .. most times u will find the flaw🌱

⚠️Disclaimer: Before you say what about the men... I leave that up to the brothers to correct.. this here message is about you sis! So feel free to rant, vent, attempt to rebuttal allllll on yalls own social media platforms and not in my comments! However any scripture you have that speaks against submission to a RIGHTEOUS man.. please drop those!

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