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#DontUnsubscribeSis.. But Let me SAT this here... we gotta stop this! Our babies need their fathers..if they wanna be in their kids life..LET them! Keyword... Their kids lives ✋🏾 NOT in ur life. Period.👈🏿 👪 Co parenting can work when folks are not only adults..but ACT like adults.. I know the curses speak of Deuteronomy 28:41(KJV)Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; for they shall go into captivity.

😞But this is not the case. Some of yall are using these babies as leverage. STOP it! The only one getting the upper hand is the Babylonian system..Because IF we were back in the biblica days.. those kids would be AUTOMATICALLY awarded to their fathers.. #message🎯 💯 👀 #wakeupisrael #comeoutofher #babylonISfalling

🥰 Shout out to the mothers who aren't bitter! And Co parent regardless of the situation! 🙌🏾Y'all the real MvPs!

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Ya'el Yapah
Ya'el Yapah
19 juil. 2020

Look how lost we became as a nation when our oppressors STRIPPED OUR FATHER away from us....Let that sink in sisters!!!! This woman speaks the WHOLE TRUTH!

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