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🥰Spirit VS Flesh👿: The battle within!

🥰Spirit VS Flesh👿: The battle within! Do yall sometimes feel like there is a war is waging inside you😔.. like something is pulliing you n both directions - to follow HIS Law or worldly desires? Do you ever sit and ponder: How do I overcome? How do I have victory over sinning and giving in to these fleshy desires?

🗝The key is learning how to walk by the spirit and not carry out the desires of the flesh!!!You have to 1st acknowledge that you struggle with this.. the enemy satan is bust!!! It loves for you to choose operating in the flesh.. because that displeases The Most High!! HE wants us all to operate in the fruits of the spirit!!

💁🏾‍♀️ sooo how? Great meme and all but how do I win this war that's raging inside??

🧕🏾Glad you asked sis! The real answer is.. Can we, in our own strength, on out OWN accord be disciplined enough to quit sinning for good? And ACT in RIGHTEOUSNESS 365/24/7.. how tho?? Accountability is very important and a tool thay helps me. Having someone to check aye, that's not RIGHTEOUS or hey you out of the spirit is LIFE!..and yes its gonna probably put you in your bag.. but SO WHAT! GET OVER IT..your salvation is at stake- correction is LOVE! .. Also.. you have to work harder at it.. IF you read Galatians 5.. hold on to that: then your practice is perfected Check out Galatians 5:16, which says, “So I say, walk by the Spirit and you will NOT gratify the desires of the flesh.” That’s our key to overcoming those fleshy desires!!! Add on some prayer and fasting.. you are on your way! When you feel those fleshy desires rising.. Remember Your FATHER wants you to win! Read Galatians 5 until it is like breathing.. and one day.. it will be JUST THAT EASY.. Jeremiah 29:11! Surround yourself with like minded people who are on the same journey as you..and this makes it easier BUT if u don't have that.. EVERYTHING you need to overcome the flesh is already instilled in you..alls you got to is #activateIT🚨

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