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Sorry!!! Ima have to take a rain check sis!!!

#dontdeletemesis but #MarriedLife Requires Not only submission but respect. Sometimes.. we don’t understand why BUT we entered into a righteous union and if the hubs says no... it’s a no from me sis! Now I know some of yous will disagree, cuz ya jus wanna do what you want...🤷🏾‍♀️‼️however if your husband’s steps are ordered by The Most High... then what’s the cause for sowing discord?

....#TakeAway A righteous man doesn’t move off emotions, but according to the Laws of The Most High which should make his actions more understandable! The no’s aren’t to punish...but to protect!

🚨(just be sure he isn’t following the rules of the most low because those decisions made are definitely emotionally motivated and more than likely have an ulterior motive.. #message)

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