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Some good Shabbat reading!

...Hebrews 10:26 is clear! Know the LAW, Keep the LAW by Applying the LAW. #SOMEBODYGONNAGETITONTHE3RDREAD

Eze 18:31 - Cast away H7993 from you all your transgressions, H6588 whereby ye have transgressed; H6586 and make H6213 you a new H2319 heart H3820 and a new H2319 spirit: H7307 for why will ye die, H4191 O house H1004 of Israel? H3478

Eze 18:32 - For I have no pleasure H2654 in the death H4194 of him that dieth, H4191 saith H5002 the Lord H136 GOD: H3069 wherefore turn H7725 yourselves, and live H2421 ye.

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