✍🏽From the desk of my sis Nathalie‼️ this was confirmation for me!! I don’t have to align myself with folks who mean me NO good! I just don’t have the energy or patience!! Great message sis!! I feel you wrote this jus me❤️ #SisIsMe

No matter how real or how much genuine love you show to some with actions , they will never like you , just keep in mind that everything is spiritual... and guess what? I am cool with that♥️. I will continue to better myself in this walk and pray for endurance and a meek spirit because I don’t know it all but I know one thing for sure , I don’t have time to discuss anybody’s business but my own! Once in a while we must look at ourselves in the mirror! All praises TTMH ♥️💕♥️💕♥️ #KingdomMindset

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