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#SHEsInATL Ayee!! We miss y’all already!! I forgot to announce the…

… new website will be up and running in a week!! AND our @she_atl team has sooo many things ready to take off for Sisters and the little mini me’s!! We can’t wait to share!!

Many have asked how to support:

♥️Please support our GoFundMe for a shelter and resource center for our sisters and children in need and victims of crimes against them!! This will be our place to build, heal, and learn maybe some mini brunches too!! (Link in my bio)

🤔How else can you support: #Prayer #Share #TellABrew #Donate— a simple share goes a long way🙌🏾

Donate Link (in bio): …so grateful for all who have donated!!

🙌🏾Other ways to donate:

Cashapp: $sistershelp



Purchase SHE merchandise from @shesgoldenga

*I don’t own the rights to this song*

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