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Shalom y’all!!! I ain’t want nothing 😂..Just over here Tabernakking!🏕

The thing I have been meditating on all tabernacles is " I wonder how our people did this for 40 years!!"... especially with the bare minimum! I mean these days we get grills, portable this and that ... All they had was The Most High! ♥️

I just sat in my tent and thank YAH for HIS mercy, grace and constant reminders on how HE loves us! Tabernacles is more than just a fun time to go camping and eat burgers... we should be remembering the true meaning!

Sukkot is often simply called “THE feast”. The biggie – no other clarification needed. Three times a year, all of Israel were supposed to make the trek to Jerusalem for Passover and Feast of Weeks in the Spring, and then Sukkot in the fall. Sukkot means “shelters”, “booths”, or “tabernacles”. The true idea was to build a temporary shelter... These shelters are to remind the people of Israel about the time they journeyed through the wilderness in temporary shelters, picking up and moving on as necessary. Search it out for yourself and really try to keep it scripturally ♥️

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