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🌺Shalom y’all!🌺

🥱Taking a break from Social Media! However I still will be sharing here♥️ If you need to reach me for any reason: is my email or text if you have my number 🫶🏾

⚠️Remember, it's ok to step away⚠️ If you feel like you need a break-- go offline! If you feel like you are suffocating, pause and take a breath!! Breathing is good 😂.. I'm telling you before I started SHE I took a few months off and it did me sooo much good! I was able to spend more time with YAH, sleep better and I had soo much free time to write, create.. pray!! Listen, i truly appreciate those who already noticed my absence and reached out.. it means more than you know! Praying you all are well and taking care of self.. and realizing you are more valuable than you know🌸

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