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#NoComplainingSis Day 16! [Oooh whee we running thru these 30 days!!!]

...But.. wanna know my 2nd best defense against complaining, after my secret place? A faithful friend.. Notice, I didn't say "friend.." I said FAITHFUL.. Although I love all yall... U have to discern who to confide in when you nee to vent.. before I get the urge to 😖.. I take a breath and self examine.. I mean I wanna check to see if my complaint is even valid 😅 1st.. Sometimes u need a second set of ears to maybe help with a solution or just to listen and not jus hear.. for most...confiding in your husband if he has an understanding and righteous ear..or a sister we trust to listen and not jus hear! Others may have a righteous dependable Elder or brother..if you are single. Having someone in your corner to listen and offer sound counsel and to tell you the truth in love no matter how hard it may be!! The gist is, u arent alone in this.. EVEN if u don’t have a person.. there is ONE who will not only listen, but hear... just remember what the scripts say:

📕 Sirach [Ecclesiasticus] 6:6 Be in peace with many: nevertheless have but ONE counsellor of a thousand [Apocrypha]

#ShalomNSmiles [No complaining!!]

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