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#MorningBrew☕️🔎You WILL seek me and find me, WHEN you seek me with all your heart. Jer 29:12–13

(Keyword: When)

😳Have you ever gone into your prayer room thinking that you were right in step with The Most Highs plan for your life..and came out in tears after seeing how far off you actually are? I have, more than once!! Its then I realize..FATHER I need you..and just like the amazing POWER HE is.. HE reminds, HE is still…there..

🌸When things begin to go smoothly in your life and everything is working like it should, and your prayers have been answered, it is very easy to grow complacent, to just drift and let the current carry you along. Of course you still pray, you still worship, but your whole heart is not in it and your mind is elsewhere and as surely as you breathe, you drift off course. As you are swept on shore.. you begin to question your zeal, are u doing enough, too much.. is this the right path…

📖Make some time for YAH today, tomorrow, like yesterday! Having a consistent schedule with HIM is key to building a righteous relationship with HIM. Ask HIM to make what is important to HIM, important to you. The gist is to Intentionally seek out The Most High ..with your whole heart!!! HE is waiting..cuz you don’t want HIM to come find you and catch you slipping — cuz let me tell you.. that fall ain’t not joke!!(#SomebodyWillGetThatLater)

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