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#MorningBrew☕️🙇🏾‍♀️ Why is staying focused so hard!!

Why am I always getting distracted and going off task? Is this really my purpose? Am I walking HIS path for me? Psalm 37:23-25 ..Truth is these are valid questions! Some of us have a hard time staying the course and that’s not by coincidence! True the enemy will sometimes send all kinds of ish your way to knock you off your square — but what if YOU your own enemy? What if you don’t apply actions to your faith? What if you don’t put in the work because you are too easily distracted by the things and cares of the world… Just ponder on that!

Listen, time is one thing we can’t get back or replicate! So use it wisely—if you fee yourself becoming idle, that’s a clear sign to snap out of it and get back to Your purpose! Also, let’s be sure to approach each season with its intended purpose!! Most us are operating in our purpose, but in the wrong season!! -#SomeoneWillCatchThatAt2PM.

🙏🏾Pursuing your purpose in the Seasons of YAH should be the goal♥️ Psalm 139:23-24, start with self examination and then end with Matthew 6:9-10, Matthew 26:39–

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