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#MorningBrew☕️ Why do we spend soooo much time on things we cannot control?

🌊🐴 For instance, you can bring a horse to water-but u can’t force said horse to willingly drink🐎🌊. Said horse has to be thirsty and want to drink! Listen, you can’t .. I repeat YOU CAN’T control the actions of others!! Nope, not even how they treat you, nor what they say.. nor how or what they choose to do… Is this clicking? Now what you can control is how u respond—and what you can do or can’t.

💡If we focus on changing ourselves and/or being the change we want to see.. there is hope that our actions could provoke a favorable outcome from another.. but again : the choice is theirs to make. Stop forcing folks to do what you want! You can state your demand or cause, but just be ok to live with the favorable or unfavorable response.. and not let it affect how you move in righteousness 💗Proverbs 2:7-9, Romans 12:2

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