#MorningBrew☕️🧎🏾‍♀️🌪 Whew! Have you ever been in the midst of the worse time of your life —

YET u feel sooo much peace? That’s that peace that surpasses all of you me understanding !! It’s like the raging stone is all around you and you feel like you should be afraid, but you’re not! Listen, it’s easy to say that out loud.. but can you grasp the concept of what Paul was saying in Philippians 4:6? When u can remember where HE brought from over and over again.. how can’t we NOT trust in that?

We live in a society that runs from pain or “tolerate” it.. some say “I have a high tolerance for pain..”. But have we considered that your pain is trying to communicate to you that something is wrong? When the brokenness begins there are signs before the actual breaking of one’s spirit! Now if u ignore the signs.. it becomes so overwhelming instead of bending .. u break.

Tackle these issues, trials and storms by staying in prayer.. fasting and serving! Serving others is the best way to stay distracted from your problems while you work to navigate through ❤️ In the end, don’t focus on what’s going on!! True peace is attainable and will calm you..Focus on HIM and what HIS word says.. it never returns void🌈

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