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#MorningBrew☕🗣When ur striving for pure RIGHTEOUSNESS ..

..This walk gets hard sometimes.. especially when everyone around you.. outchea living their best life..doing what THEY want..and it "looks" good..u ask "like what am I doing wrong??"... Sometimes u dont understand the whats, hows, & whys, but just remember WHO knows the end results... remember.. they living THEIR best life.. but HE will give u life..and it will be the #BEST..for HIS purpose for you.. does that make sense? [Romans 8:28] when you are living this life for HIM— it will come with challenges John 16:33♥️

💁🏾‍♀️So just keep pushing thru the let downs..tears and fears.. REGARDLESS to what happens next..u know WHO planned it...keep serving, keep praying..keep worshipping The Most High in everything. Truth is...HIS will be done..not yours NOR any man/woman....keep going y’all! It will be worth it! The key is Enduring!

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