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#MorningBrew☕️🎭 ...truth is many of you will start things off without proving..

.. whether it be a courtship or a any relationship honestly! But why?.. I am guilty of this as well! And really, yes people can switch up on u— but thats life! We all change. However we be outchea Just calling everyone sis or bro just because .. but learn from my experience!!

Everyone is not bro or sis... Yes we are sister/brother because we “may” have the same FATHER.. but that’s where the line stops. I am commanded to love you, but I have choice whether to like you🔒and in order to see if I like you, I prove according to Sirach 6 daily.. once I started this process, I learned that truth is, most come to destroy your vessel, steal your joy, and kill your spirit... #TakeHeed and choose wisely which to start and what to end💕

🔑There’s a scripture for that!!

💎Sirach 6:7-10 If thou wouldest get a friend, prove him first and be not hasty to credit him. For some man is a friend for his own occasion, and will not abide in the day of thy trouble. And there is a friend, who being turned to enmity, and strife will discover thy reproach. Again, some friend is a companion at the table, and will not continue in the day of thy affliction

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