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#MorningBrew☕️💡💯 Truth is everyone isn’t gonna get you, like you, or have your best interest —

- at heart and they definitely won’t support you😂. I know, I know.. but why? What did you do?..You asked them, and they say “we cool” yet their actions are like “eww cooties” 🤷🏾‍♀️ Sometimes they don’t like you, cuz it’s just you!

People have their own ulterior motives and they just don’t like how you move or idk, they don’t like that you’re respectful .. or u always talk scriptures who knows!! 🤌🏾… here’s some advice I wish someone would have given me earlier in life:

🤌🏾SO WHAT! Get over it…

See, You are in good company! Christ wasn’t liked nor was his disciples— they were guilty by Association! Truth is: People just won’t like you.. and that’s ok! It could be your light disrupts their false peace.. or your spirit convicts their wickedness.. either or.. the fact is… just pray for them.. and hope that they at least love you as they are commanded to.. but if not:

🤌🏾SO WHAT.. Get over it! Find your tribe that does love to like you and support you.. these ones enjoy the light you give and guess what? They reciprocate what you give so the whole team just lit!!.. ok? So let them folks be and stop wasting time trying to figure out why someone does like u.. sometimes it’s not you. It’s them!💡♥️ they hope to dim your light with the hopes that they would shine a little brighter..but #KeepGoing— there’s a difference between natural light and a light switch #Message

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