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#MorningBrew☕️🎤👀 Truly, we are sometimes one of the most not easy to please people!!

We pray and cry for AHBA to show us a sign or tell us where to go.. etc.. and when HE does, and surprisingly it’s NOT what we wanted or isn’t “ideal”.. we second guess it! 😩 Like, why not just go with your move if you aren’t gonna heed HIS revelation? I know why:

1. We reallllly think we are walking HIS path so we assume HE will align with what we, not HE desires. So a do as thou wilt moment!

2. We just hardhead

3. Choose Both

Either way, when it all comes tumbling down, don’t ask YAH why this or that.. just take your lick and learn from your mistakes! When HE speaks #TakeHeed⚙️

🔨Romans 1:19-20

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