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#MORNINGBREW ☕🌱 Throw dirt on me, It will grow a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20)

☝🏾It's not by chance the dirt they threw on you..caused you to grow.. #WheatvsTares #KeepGrOwing🚿

👩🏾‍🌾Here’s some benefits of Mustard Seed:

Prevents cancer and aging. Mustard seeds are packed with antioxidants which play a major role in keeping your skin young ang glowing.

Promotes healthy skin. Mustard has various skincare benefits.

Aids digestion.

Good for heart health.

Strengthens bones, teeth, and gums.

Treats pain.

🪴Sooo always remember, u have a choice to make once the dirt gets thrown.. either be dirty with them, or allow those tears to saturate the dirt and grow something from it that will benefit you.. and others (Romans 8:28).

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