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#MorningBrew☕️💎THIS AND THIS!! Listen, A lot of people only share the goodness and never —

... the bad stuff.. the trials.. the pain! They just show the destination and not the journey—

🤌🏾The truth is…many of the smiling faces you see plastered on your screen are suffering in silence… some of those happy couples, living my best life, those idgaf, I’m doing me pics that you deem as “goals”—and you think it’s truly unattainable.. BUT!! Many of them are jus doing it for the likes.. to help them cope with things you are trying to heal from, and they masking the pain with snap tock filters😒!!

Here’s the truth …Peace doesn’t mean a piece of joy.. or faking it til u make it!! That way is wrong!! True happiness, Joy and peace is attainable! But UNTIL you truly start putting The Most High first to heal! I promise it won’t work any other way!! Take heed (Philippians 2:5-11)

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