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#MorningBrew☕️🚨 Think about it!! Do you think a thief would steal something of no value?? ⚙️

.. heck Nawl! It’s a waste of time, it serves the thief No purpose, and there’s no profit off it.. now replace the word thief with enemy! The enemy sees the value in your worship, praise, endurance, strength and victories .. also in your weakness, tears, brokenness, and failures.. etc.. Is this clicking?

See the enemy comes to do a few things to distract you: steal-kill-destroy and repeat! The enemy will try to break you because he knows he can- how? See, we don’t see the value in us. We don’t see the value in brokenness (Psalms 34:18). Don’t see the value in weakness (Philippians 4:13)… etc Everything you need to secure your temple is already within you- all u got to do is set the alarm.. 🫰🏾💗 (someone will catch this later .. it’s ok, just catch it!)

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