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#MorningBrew☕️🔍The reason some of you are fighting tirelessly..

.. is you are swinging in a losing battle.. AND It’s because you went in unprepared! No plan, Some of your “armor” missing..No confidence in Jeremiah 29:11 that victory is inevitable.. GET UP out that slump, wipe them tears, go back to the war rom (secret place) and go get prepared! satan studies your weaknesses and weapons!! The question is why aren’t you doing the same? All battles start in the “war room”.. only then are u ready for war!!⚔️

The enemy is a WHOLE lie (Romans 8:37)!! Everything you need to win is already instilled in you... ALLs you got to do is activate it.. Let’s go! You got this.. Regardless what it look like, keep that armor on and never stop fighting ☝🏾❤️

Siri play Vessel by Anaviel The Servant⚔️

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