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#MorningBrew☕️👑 The Pursuit of Peace... It’s worth it💕

Cause I’m back to this Pursuit of Peace and maintaining it by ANY means necessary! Keyword: ANY📢

🙌🏾 I'm diligently seeking it.. Chasing peace like it want to be caught.. Capturing the image of its beauty deep in my inner thoughts.. Ahba, allow me to step knee deep in it during this walk. A piece of peace is better than no piece at all is what I was taught. But nawl, I want It all.. peace in my goings and comings. Peace when I'm standing still or if I'm running. Peace when I'm sleep or if I'm awake. Peace Chasing me down during the night or day. I want to be swept up off my feet, with peace.. to where I'm so blind..that its ALL I see.. I jus desire peace within me.. so desperately..So until it's found, right here in Psalms is where I will be. -Malakah's piece

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