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#MorningBrew☕️👀 The old saying “what’s for you is for you” is evident in Jeremiah 29:11!!

You have to understand that HE wants the best for us.. it’s us that think we don’t deserve it… However AHBA word never returns void… so what HE has for you u will get…Now let that marinate 🤌🏾 Especially when your obedient and loyal to HIM.. why wouldn't a FATHER bless HIS children (Matthew 7:11)

SOOOOO… stop worrying about if u “missed” an opportunity-or connection! Here’s the truth👉🏾IF it’s meant according to Romans 8:28.. it will circle back around according to HIS will and purpose!! IF it’s meant. You see, EVERYTHING has an appointed place and time.. Habakkuk 2:3 is clear✊🏾

Read Ecclesiastes 3 for a reminder 💕

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