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#MorningBrew☕️⚙️ Suffering usually come due to being punished for a sin or an unwise choice..

or You’re being tried by fire (1 Peter 1:7)— Being accountable is key when going through suffering..

Self examination allows u to accurately (if u are being transparent) depict if there are any deficiencies in your walk… because while wearing May endure for a night… some of us just like weaping without understanding our role in the reaction for the action we may have caused! (Someone will catch that later)! The FATHER makes no mistakes and there’s always three things you can count on in a trial of suffering:

🍎1 Corinthians 10:13- an escape

🍎Romans 5:3-5-a lesson

🍎Psalms 34:18- a way back to HIM

🥧So let that marinate, and remember in all instances, joy does come.💗

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