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#MorningBrew☕️💡🛞 STOP intentionally sabotaging yourself! it’s like this..

.. think about it this way, when your lightbulb go out in your house, do you go change the lightbulb OR buy a new house🤌🏾.. there’s ALWAYS a solution to your problem… the truth is many don’t like the solution or won’t put effort to initiate the process to solve the problem!! But either way you don’t stop “riding” for a dream you have to achieve or something The FATHER has for you to do JUST because one tire go flat .. you put that spare tire on, fix the tire and keep rolling.. u don’t destroy the whole car!

Reignite your zeal, and get to it! Yup, it’s that simple! Find the issue and solve it! Stop jumping ship because something happens that interrupts the process… remember Romans 8:28 is a clear sign to keep going!!

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