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#MorningBrew☕📌 sorry NOT sorry to burst y'alls bubble..

.. but have y’all looked up the word repent AND ance?

🎯Definition of repent - feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one's wrongdoing or sin

🎯Definition of -ance 1 : ACTION or PROCESS 👉🏾furtherance : instance of an action or process performance. 2 : quality or stat

🤌🏾So remember to activate your expression of being sorry for the error, correcting it , and applying the actions of doing the right thing! Practice makes perfect, cuz u will stumble but that’s ok!! Just keep applying Proverbs 24:16 till you perfect righteousness— obedience is better than sacrifice 💗.. (it can, does, and WILL happen, righteously..)

#ChangeInRealLife The action of applying📍

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