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#MorningBrew☕️😁 Soo, here’s the thing! Many say “I just want to be happy”.. but do you really?

👉🏾 The Bible speaks on the traits of a “happy” person— so sounds easy enough right?! Sadly, many want happiness but they choose to be miserable because being unhappy doesn’t take any effort. Being happy in happiness happens when we stop allowing others to dictate what happiness looks like, control when we are happy, and define what happiness even is!! Scriptures are here so that you can be obedient to them! Y’all remember the saying “don’t worry be happy” it is so true—Because Jeremiah 29:11 already says the end is expected!

☝🏾So now depending on who or what you serve could be the determining factor in that “end result”! So choose wisely…Beloved, Happiness doesn’t just happen! But you can just happen to be happy! Even in trials, tribulations, grief, hurt, pain, illness, No’s, let downs.. especially disappointments! Why? Cuz John 16:33 says so… and think about this for a second why would you want to “diss” HIS appointed time(Habakkuk 2:3)?🤔💭

✨Go forth and not only be happy.. but do happy!🙌🏾💗#SomeoneWillcatchThatLater

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