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#MorningBrew☕️🚨 Sip this one slow🥴…

… 🔥So many pray for change of their circumstances, situations, and definitely demanding others to conform to their depiction of change so that it soothes their “at that time emotion”.. but rarely do they think— maybe I am the one that needs to change — self examination is one thing that this generation hates, literally. Because most people feel like they don’t need to activate inner change.. because whatever is happening outside, The Most High should change that to fit their expectations..

🤌🏾AHT, AHT! True change is being the change you want to see. Surrendering to YAH so you can truly inhabit “HIS will; HIS way. That’s it. That’s the post. The easiest way to do this is:

1. Submit to YAH (This means dying to your wicked flesh to allow the righteous spirit to consume you)- James 4:7-10, 1 Peter 5:6, Romans 8:5-39, Luke 9:23, 1 Cor 15:31)

2. Self Examine (TRULY, no capping)- 2 Corinthians 13:5, Gal 6:3-5, 1 Corinthians 11:28-32

3. Apply the actions to change from within. (By actions I mean laws, statutes, and commandments) -1 Samuel 2:3, James 1:23-25, 1 John 3:18, Joshua 1:18, Deu 17:19, Psalms 1:2

4. Be the light.. and when u fall, get up and start back at 1. -Matthew 6:22-23, Eph 5:8, Matt 5:14-16, Proverbs 6:23, Phil 2:15-16, Proverbs 24:16-18 ❤️

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